Shanty/ Raja (short story)

The story is published in Muse India, Sep-Oct, 2019 issue. Clad in white kurta pajama, Gandhi caps and matching glasses, lest someone couldn’t tell they were identical twins, the septuagenarians grab their window seats. Trailing behind them, tired and annoyed, Ganesh takes the aisle seat – his aged plastic bag carefully placed to hide a […]


Of Prejudice

“The Shackle of Prejudice” published by “As a child, I used to think that America and England were the same. Later I learnt that America was a bigger and more relaxed version of England. Then one day I found out that Americans were in fact prudes – like Indians! I had to unlearn that wearing […]

IOF .32 (short story)

The story “IOF .32″ was published in The Madras Mag He had parked his car in the basement and was walking towards the lift when he found it, naked, in a municipal bin. He stared, felt it on his fingertips, and hurriedly hid it at the base of the bin and took the lift up […]

60 Watts (short story)

The story “60 Watts” was published in Kindle Magazine A small big-city window lights up at an ungodly hour. Part-drunk, part-bronchitic Mohan turns on a bulb in his one-room flat, illuminating mine. Separated by a fifteen-foot kitchen-smoke-filled alley our metropolitan windows open into each other. On some nights, his 3 am schedule draws the ire […]

On how to be a woman

About the piece: For the most part it is about how some people are morally compelled to think that your business is their business. “If you are a woman in Southasia, chances are that you’ve been told how to be one. If you don’t have well-meaning relatives to tell you how, the media does the […]

One Cold Night (short story)

“One Cold Night” appeared in Reading Hour. “The car’s headlights worked in vain against the thickest fog the season had seen. Children of the pavements were cuddled all together in one corner, in a heap. The cars of the city’s rich zoomed past. I was not drunk enough, not as compared to the other nights, […]

Chitti (short story)

“Chitti” was published in Reading Hour. “A lone bulb over Kisaan Ghar glows in hope of better times. The train leaves at 4am, when most of the village is still asleep. Chitti has packed her bindle- of a few clothes and a rich assortment of bindis. “Dwarfs don’t need bindis. In fact, they don’t even […]

On pornography

You can read this piece “The Public Secret of Savita Bhabhi” at “In May 2013, makers of the erotic comic strip came out with the Savita Bhabhi movie, where apart from Savita Bhabhi doing what she is best at, she also helps the two nerds, who mistakenly teleport her into their Orwellian India of […]