Of Prejudice

“The Shackle of Prejudice” published by kitaab.org. “As a child, I used to think that America and England were the same. Later I learnt that America was a bigger and more relaxed version of England. Then one day I found out that Americans were in fact prudes – like Indians! I had to unlearn that wearing […]

On how to be a woman

About the piece: For the most part it is about how some people are morally compelled to think that your business is their business. “If you are a woman in Southasia, chances are that you’ve been told how to be one. If you don’t have well-meaning relatives to tell you how, the media does the […]

On pornography

You can read this piece “The Public Secret of Savita Bhabhi” at kafila.org. “In May 2013, makers of the erotic comic strip came out with the Savita Bhabhi movie, where apart from Savita Bhabhi doing what she is best at, she also helps the two nerds, who mistakenly teleport her into their Orwellian India of […]

Of love and such

The essay In Romantic Love… appeared in Tehelka. “François de La Rochefoucauld’s “There are some people who would never have fallen in love if they had not heard there was such a thing” was perhaps directed at the 18-year old me, or anyone who falls in love for the first time…”